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Elk Avenue; A Colorful and Victorian Charm

December 26, 2018

Take a break from the slopes and wonder through the downtown of Crested Butte.  Located on Elk Avenue is the quaint and colorful downtown that has a charm like no other.  Old Victorian homes have turned into ‘mom and pop’ shops and locally owned restaurants.  The dining scene is phenomenal for a town of only a couple thousand residents.  From Thai food, Italian, French, BBQ, and more, the cuisine downtown is worth savoring in.  The variety will please anyone’s pallet.

Meander the street as you delight in the unique shops where local treasures can be found.  Artists have their work on display ranging from photography to glass jewelry.  Popping in and out of the shops with an indulging stop at the Princess Wine Bar makes for a fun afternoon or evening.  Check out dining prior to your evening and make a reservation at one of the many restaurants on Elk Avenue.  

I spent my honeymoon dining at Marchitelli’s Gourmet Noodle (located at 411 3rd Street, just 1/2 block south of Elk Avenue).  The Italian flavors paired with outstanding wine made for a perfect meal.  The ambiance was white table cloth, but not overly fancy and had a very comfortable, casual feel.  Perfect for a special night out with my love. Another favorite is an Asian restaurant called Ryce Asian Bistro.  Located in a cute building on mainstreet with a charming ambiance.  The menu featured a variety of Chinese and Thai cuisine. 


Photo:  Ryce Asian Bistro

For breakfast we dined at Paradise Café, also located on Elk Avenue.  The food was good, but the draw of the restaurant is the fun and friendly atmosphere.  The ambiance resembles a beach café feel with bright colors of birds and palm trees.  While that may seem out of character for a Colorado mountain town, it was quite fun and the staff were extremely friendly.  It was such a great experience that we dined there two days in a row.

Lastly, definitely add Camp 4 Coffee on your breakfast list.  It is a true Crested Butte gem that people all over the world have become familiarized with due to being ranked one of the best coffee shops in Colorado.  Camp 4 Coffee is located downtown in a cute cabin bungalow covered with license plates from around the country.  The owners take pride in the purity of their coffee which is roasted by hand, not a machine.  The vibe inside is a cozy mountain eclectic scene.

12301752_10205474550319114_4912451985840283434_nPhoto:  Camp 4 Coffee in downtown Crested Butte.

Enjoy the simplicity of downtown Crested Butte and be sure to explore the charming shops and restaurants that make Crested Butte a unique, one-of-a-kind mountain town.

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