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Fall Favorites in Crested Butte

October 8, 2019

Have you checked off all the fall favorites on your bucket list?  There are quite a few I would still like to embrace before winter really makes an appearance.  For example, getting out on one of the beautiful hiking trails to take in all of the senses of fall.  From the smell of the leaves, trees and shrubs to the sounds of my hiking boots crunching down on the leaves below.  Being outside to enjoy all of the sights, sounds and smells is one of my favorite aspects of fall in the mountains. 

As the leaves continue to burst with color, I can tell there is a shift and change about to happen soon.  Besides the forecast of our first accumulating snow storm happening later this week, there is something about the crisp air chilling through my body.  It’s not a bad chill, but it is a reminder that as the warm weather shifts to cold, and as the landscape shifts from gold leaves to a snowy white backdrop, our bodies also shift.  Our blood thickens in preparation for the long, embraced winter ahead.  The crisp air is a reminder to pull out those puffy coats and cute wool hats and boots. 

While the season continues to shift, the calendar says we have about 6 weeks until ski season.  6 weeks is a lot of time to continue to check off adventures on my fall bucket list.  Below are my top favorite October fall activities.

Bike Around Town
Rent a bike and take a leisurely stroll through town and on the bikeways.  You may even want to bike up to the Mount Crested Butte Resort to see the mountain village.

Take a Scenic Drive
I love driving up Kebler Pass and then west into Gunnison.  Treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee at Camp for Coffee in downtown Crested Butte and then go enjoy the mountain drives.

Hike, Hike and Hike Some More
The hiking in and around Crested Butte is plentiful with trail options for all abilities.  Stop into the Visitor Center and get the most up to date trail conditions.  

Stroll Downtown
Walk down mainstreet to enjoy a variety of shops, restaurants and art galleries.  This is perfect for any weather or any day of the week.



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