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Weather and Terrain

First Snow in Crested Butte

September 13, 2019

Ahh, the sights, sounds and smells of September days in Crested Butte.  One day can be 70’s and sunny, while the next day can bring a dusting of snow.  Then return again to mild temperatures.  The temperature and weather swings are big this time of year, however the magic of experiencing potentially all 4 seasons in one visit is just about as dreamy as visiting a Colorado mountain town can get.

Speaking of September weather, Crested Butte received its first dusting of snow yesterday.  It was a mild day to start, then the rain storms rolled in the evening.  Snow enthusiasts woke up to that beautiful view of snow-capped white mountain peaks.  Whether it sticks around is the question.  Temperatures are back in the 70’s with abundant sunshine this weekend. 

The first snow typically has us winter enthusiasts excited about the upcoming ski season.  With the first snow day, it seems appropriate to start counting down the days to ski season.  Some people start counting down the days as early as springtime when the mountain closes.  It must give them hope to start ticking down those numbers.  I prefer to wait until fall, or at least when the first snow arrives.  Crested Butte is currently 75 days away from the 2019/20 ski season.  Yippee.  That is close enough, yet far enough to still enjoy summery/fall weather. 

If you have not already noticed, I do love September in Crested Butte.  In fact, it may be my favorite month.  I can’t wait to leaf peep all of the aspen trees that will soon start to peak (typically third week in September).  I love riding my bike over the golden aspen leaves that have freshly fallen to the ground.  The trail is a golden pathway where the leaves crisp lightly below my tires.  The ultimate day is a bluebird, sunny sky, with temperatures in the 60’s.  We are so fortunate to have many of these perfect days in Crested Butte.

If biking is not your thing, pull out a pair of sneakers or hiking boots and take a walk in the woods.  The hiking is just as beautiful as biking this time of year.  Bonus, there are trails for all levels.  From those tiny toddler legs, to the avid hiking enthusiast.  Stop by the Visitor Center downtown for up to date trail information.  The staff can share the best hiking, biking and site seeing tips.

It is not too late to book a last minute September vacation to Crested Butte.  Check out visitingcrestedbutte.com for lodging deals.  I hope to see you on the trails!



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