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Summer Dreaming in Crested Butte

May 17, 2019

As I stare out at the calming cloudy day, I started daydreaming about the warm weather and summer on the horizon.  This prompted me to start making my summer bucket list.  During the process I reminisced about the amazing winter season we just had, but my stomach started tingling with excitement thinking about warm weather, sunny skies, longer days, birds chirping, biking around town, and all that Crested Butte has to offer in the summer.  It reminded me that when one season ends, the next season is like a sunrise coming up over the horizon welcoming a new beginning.  We get one chance to make the most out of this glorious season, just as if we get one chance to make the most out of the day ahead. 

I started to recall some of my favorite weekend adventures that truly take place in my own backyard in and around Crested Butte.  From all of the beautiful camp spots in the mountains, to flyfishing the local streams, arts and cultural events, to awing over the beautiful sunrises.   Local Crested Butte adventures started to fill my summer weekend calendar. 

I am so passionate about summer activities and think Crested Butte is the perfect place to vacation to experience true western Colorado mountains.  Below are my top 4 summer activities:

1.  Hiking
In Crested Butte and the surrounding areas, there are an endless variety of hikes from backdoor jaunts to multi-day backpacking treks where you can experience hot springs and endless mountain/vista views.  Be sure to stop into the Visitor Center downtown to get a listing of suitable trails and recommendations.  Bring a camera and keep an eye out for all types of wildlife.  Just remember not to get close to wildlife – we are in their territory and need to respect their habitat.  

2.  Fly Fishing
Driving into Crested Butte, you will notice the greenery.  Many streams flow down from the mountains making the rivers and water features one of the best places to flyfish.  Spring runoff can shift fishing conditions, so be sure to call or stop in the fishing shops to get the best hatch report and public or private river options.

3.  Art 
Check out Crested Butte’s art and music scene this summer.  From the elegant art festival on mainstreet, to lively concerts and artistic events.  Enjoy a glass of wine during the many shows and festivals and indulge in the mountain artistic culture.

4.  Bike
The Crested Butte mountain biking scene is incredible. Head up to the resort and put your bike on the lift for some fun downhilling.  Hit repeat and do it again.  Trails and options for all ages and abilities.  Or, spend a few hours exploring some of the trails just outside of town.  Call or stop by the bike shop for a trail report or demo the industry’s leading mountain bikes.  Either way, you are sure to grin from ear to ear as you ride off into the Crested Butte mountains.

Be sure to check back to the blog monthly to get the latest tips on all of the fun happenings around Crested Butte.  You will find me on the trails and streams.


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