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The Most Unique Activities in Crested Butte this Winter

January 15, 2020

If you know Crested Butte, you know the skiing is phenomenal. It is what brings thousands of people to our little mountain town every winter from Christmas on. But even if you love skiing, you will want something to mix up the fun. Find out what other winter activities you can find in Crested Butte.

Fat Bike Tour
Fat bikes have become more popular in the winters in Crested Butte as a unique way to get around and see the outskirts of town. We are well on our way to becoming a Fat Biking Mecca, in fact. In case you are wondering, they are literally bikes with fat tires made for trudging through the snow and mud. Test your abilities and take a scenic ride. You can rent one of these bikes from several locations including, The Alpineer, Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven, or Crested Butte Sports.

Winter Horseback Adventure
A chance to get close to wildlife in the mountains and try something you may not have
before, join the lovely staff of Fantasy Ranch for a one hour horseback ride. On these rides there are often animal sightings including elk, deer, big horn sheep, and even bald eagles! Enjoy a chance to warm up in the middle with a stop for hot cocoa by the fireplace. A rugged experience bringing you closer to nature.

Scenic winter rides done right. Snowmobiles are a fun way to move around the mountains and access Crested Butte abundant backcountry. Check out a snowmobile tour with Action Adventures for an adrenaline filled day away from the hustle and bustle of the resort. The tour included a fast paced trail ride through the Gunnison National Forest followed with some off-trail powder riding. And if you would rather go at your own pace and are comfortable with your abilities, take a rental our on your own through Action Adventures  or Colorado Adventure Rentals

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