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Your Crested Butte Getaway Guide

July 23, 2021

If you’re looking for somewhere to make unforgettable memories in a magical mountain town, Crested Butte is the place. Enjoy downtown and rent an electric bike, skateboard, or paddleboard at Wheelies and Waves! Enjoy the downtown atmosphere with many historic buildings as you breathe in that fresh mountain air.


crested butte art fest

Happening July 29th-August 1st is the Crested Butte Arts Festival! A family-friendly outdoor event, the festival is going to feature over 100 fine artists’ creative works of art, amazing vendors and food trucks, and live music, to name a few. The youngsters can go to the “Kid’s Art Alley”, which will include squirt gun painting, weaving lessons, puzzles, and many more unique activities. Buying tickets in advance is strongly suggested! More info here

Looking for a music event? Don’t miss out on this summer’s last Alpenglow: Free Outdoor Concerts this upcoming Monday night (July 26th) at the Center for the Arts outdoor stage!


On August 5th, go on a one of a kind adventure : Django Jeeping!! Not only will you be on a fun group off-roading experience, there will also be a concert! More info here.


For All The Foodies Out There

If you’re a foodie like me, you try to fill your vacations up with eating delicious foods while taking in the vibes of cool restaurants. Eating good food is at the top of my list when it comes to enjoying vacay. So, get your grub on, because I’ve put together some fantastic restaurants for you to check out while you’re in town.

Looking for a hot brunch spot? Head on over to the legendary McGill's and relish in their signature homemade breakfasts and lunches that are fresh and delicious. If you’re craving a smoothie or something more healthy like a grain bowl or fresh juice, go to the one and only Daily Dose!

Soupcon.Facebook.crested butte

Looking to have a special and memorable meal in Crested Butte? Located in an old mining cabin, The Soupcon is one of a kind. With it’s French and American dishes, you’ll be sure to find something that is delectable.

Craving a steak dinner? Look no further than Wooden Nickel! Wooden Nickel is the town’s oldest saloon an steakhouse.

The town is charming. The air is crisp. The options are endless. Only in Crested Butte!

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